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Space, Time, and Communication Theory
Canadian Journal of Communication (2003)
  • John Durham Peters, University of Iowa
This plenary address to the Laurier conference extends the fundamental insight of Innis and McLuhan that communication studies concerns time and space by inviting scholars to consider the very large and the very small, the very old and the very far, as outer limits to communication theory. Specifically, it explores geology, astronomy, and cosmology as inquiries into media that span deep time and deep space. It suggests that communication studies is not merely an interdisciplinary field, but one that goes beyond the human scale and potentially encompasses any inquiry into time and space. The untold expanse of communication is a territory, I contend, which we are only just beginning to appreciate.
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John Durham Peters. "Space, Time, and Communication Theory" Canadian Journal of Communication Vol. 28 Iss. 4 (2003)
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