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Wind Charged Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Green Manufacturing Research Journal
  • John Patten, Western Michigan University
  • Nathan Christensen, Western Michigan University
  • Steven Srivastava, Western Michigan University
  • Gary Nola, Western Michigan University
Publication Date
With the emergence of electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid vehicles HVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) from a variety of automotive manufacturers, the electrical grid will need to meet new challenges in supplying the electricity required to charge these vehicles. To help supply the electricity needed by these vehicles, we compared the electricity consumption of a modified Toyota Prius (PHEV) and the output of a small residential wind turbine over the course of one year. Our research seeks to determine whether a small residential wind turbine can supply the necessary electricity demanded by the PHEV annually.
Citation Information
John Patten, Nathan Christensen, Steven Srivastava and Gary Nola. "Wind Charged Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle" (2011)
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