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The Impact of Driving Conditions on PHEV Battery Performance
Green Manufacturing Research Journal
  • Nathan Christensen, Western Michigan University
  • John Patten, Western Michigan University
  • Steven Srivastava, Western Michigan University
  • Gary P Nola, Western Michigan University
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The battery performance of a modified Prius with a 5 kWh plug-in battery was documented for a year to determine the impact of environmental conditions and user attributes on vehicle performance. Both fuel economy and pure electrical efficiency were compared to ambient temperature. The fuel economy has a positive relationship with ambient temperature until approximately 70˚F where the efficiency begins to drop. Electrical performance has a positive linear relationship with ambient temperature. With the emergence of electric vehicles (EVs) and PHEVs from a variety of automotive manufacturers, information on EV and PHEV performance for consumers will become more important.
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Nathan Christensen, John Patten, Steven Srivastava and Gary P Nola. "The Impact of Driving Conditions on PHEV Battery Performance" (2011)
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