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About John E. Nowak

John E.Nowak comes to Loyola University Chicago with a distinguished record of scholarship in the
constitutional law field. He is the David C. Baum Professor Emeritus at the University Of Illinois
College Of Law, and has been a visiting professor at the University of Michigan. He has served
as the Lee Distinguished Visiting Professor at the College of William & Mary, and the Williams
Visiting Professor at the University of Richmond.
Professor Nowak has written numerous articles, and lectured extensively on constitutional law
topics. In addition, he has co-authored both single and multi-volumes reference books on
constitutional law. Law publisher, Thomson-West, recently published the fourth edition of the
six-volume Treatise on Constitutional Law that Professor Nowak co-authored with Professor
Ronald Rotunda of George Mason University.
The Raymond and Mary Simon chair in Constitutional Law was established in 2007 by the
Helen V. Brach Foundation to honor its retiring president, Raymond F. Simon. In addition to
researching, teaching, and publishing in the area of constitutional law, the Raymond and Mary
Simon Chair will develop and plan conferences, speaker series, and other programs in the field.


Present Raymond & Mary Simon Chair in Constitutional Law, Loyola University Chicago, School of Law


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