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The Pet Attitude Inventory
Anthrozoos (1987)
  • C C Wilson
  • F E Netting
  • John C. New, Jr., University of Tennessee - Knoxville

The role of pets in the lives of people has received much attention, however these studies have suffered through the lack of a measurement tool that could be used to evaluate pet ownership characteristics (demographics, attitudes towards ownership, attachment levels) consistently in any setting. Five possible instruments are described: (1) Bustad's Pets and Personal History Questionnaire; (2) the Ory/Goldberg Pet Inventory Assessment; (3) Lago et al., Companion Animal Project Survey; (4) Templer's Pet Attitude Scale; and (5) the Wilson/New/Netting Pet Attitude Inventory (PAI). Of these, only the Bustad and Templer instruments have been published. The PAI questionnaires are set out (pp.79-84).

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C C Wilson, F E Netting and John C. New. "The Pet Attitude Inventory" Anthrozoos Vol. 1 Iss. 2 (1987)
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