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brainR: Interactive 3 and 4d Images of High Resolution Neuroimage Data
R Journal (2014)
  • John Muschelli, III, Johns Hopkins University

We provide software tools for displaying and publishing interactive 3-dimensional (3D) and 4-dimensional (4D) high-resolution brain imaging. Our framework is based in the R statistical software using the RGL package, a 3D graphics library. We build on this package to allow manipulation of figures including rotations and translation, digital zooming, coloring of brain substructures, adjusting transparency levels, and addition/or removal of brain struc- tures. The need for better visualization tools of ultra high dimensional data is ever present; we are providing a clean, simple, web-based option. We also provide a package (brainR) for users to readily implement these tools.

  • Imaging,
  • visualization,
  • 4D visualization,
  • figure generation,
  • rgl,
  • brainR,
  • neuroimaging
Publication Date
Summer July 30, 2014
Citation Information
John Muschelli. "brainR: Interactive 3 and 4d Images of High Resolution Neuroimage Data" R Journal (2014)
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