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International Law and the War on Terrorism: The Road Ahead
Israel Yearbook on Human Rights (2002)
  • John Murphy

With the victory over the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, it is time to give some thought to possible future challenges to international law and institutions posed by the "war on terrorism." Since any effort at "futurism" necessarily involves an analysis of present trends, this paper attempts to identify the most salient trends in international terrorism and their impact on efforts to combat terrorism. Next it turns to two kinds of responses that have been employed in combating terrorism: the so-called antiterrorism conventions, at both the global and the regional levels, and the use of coercive measures, i.e., economic sanctions and the use of armed force. As to these measures, there is an effort to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, especially in light of current trends, and to set forth some tentative proposals for improvement.

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John Murphy. "International Law and the War on Terrorism: The Road Ahead" Israel Yearbook on Human Rights (2002)
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