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The Coming Crisis in Industrial Land: A Planning Perspective
Economic Development Quarterly (1994)
  • John R. Mullin
  • Zenia Kotval, Michigan State University

This article is an overview of the current state of planning for industrial development. Local planners too frequently have neglected their industrial resources and are therefore endangering their economic base. Indeed, conditions have reached the point that rarely can one find in the Northeast a 100-acre contiguous industrial parcel of land, with water and sewer services, that is environmentally clean and has direct access to major highways without passing through a residential neighborhood. Furthermore, there is clearly a mismatch between land zoned for industry and that which is suitable for development. This article analyzes the key factors that are influencing industrial land use decisions and provides recommendations that may be of assistance to local officials throughout the country.

Publication Date
August, 1994
Citation Information
John R. Mullin and Zenia Kotval. "The Coming Crisis in Industrial Land: A Planning Perspective" Economic Development Quarterly Vol. 8 Iss. 3 (1994)
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