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The Mall Comes To Town: Planning for Its Development
Economic Development Commentary (1991)
  • John Mullin
  • Zenia Kotval, Michigan State University
  • Edward Murray
This article analyzes the impacts of malls on the character and economic base of a community. Based on both applied planning and academic research, it is clear that malls stimulate major changes in the community fabric. It is also apparent that community leaders who have a clear perception that their cities and towns have the potential to attract malls, and prepare for them, will be able to gain far more from their development than those that simply wait and see. The theme of this article, in short, is that a community either plans for a mall or it is planned upon.
Publication Date
Summer 1991
Publisher Statement
The final, definitive version of the article is available at Permission for this pre-publication was given by Sage Publishers.
Citation Information
John Mullin, Zenia Kotval and Edward Murray. "The Mall Comes To Town: Planning for Its Development" Economic Development Commentary Vol. Vol 15 Iss. No 2 (1991)
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