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Modern Maryland Civil Procedure, Second Edition
  • John A. Lynch, Jr., University of Baltimore School of Law
  • Richard W. Bourne, University of Baltimore School of Law

The first work to describe how the Maryland Rules interact with statutory and common law rules governing original and appellate jurisdiction, venue, trial by jury, and res judicata, Modern Maryland Civil Procedure discusses extensively the judicial interpretation of the rules. It addresses many unanswered questions about the shape and direction of Maryland law in light of the experience of other states and the federal courts. The book also discusses recent changes in Maryland law, such as subject matter jurisdiction, the right to trial by jury, and discovery rules.

The Maryland rules-authority and construction -- Forum selection : justiciability, original jurisdiction and venue -- Personal jurisdiction -- Parties and joinder -- Trial by jury -- Pleading -- Discovery -- Pretrial motions, orders and proceedings -- Trial motions, orders and proceedings -- Post-trial motions -- Appeals -- Former adjudication-consequences of a judgment -- Enforcement of judgments.

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  • textbook,
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  • law,
  • Maryland,
  • civil procedure

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John A. Lynch and Richard W. Bourne. Modern Maryland Civil Procedure, Second Edition. New York, NY(2004)
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