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Maryland Rules Commentary, Third Edition
  • Paul V. Niemeyer, Judge, U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland
  • Linda M. Schuett, Blumenthal, Delavan, Powers & Palmer, P.A.
  • John A. Lynch, Jr., University of Baltimore School of Law
  • Richard W. Bourne, University of Baltimore School of Law

Maryland Rules Commentary is the only annotated collection of the Maryland circuit court rules by the framers who actually drafted and amended them. Expert commentary and legal analysis, historical notes, cross-references to associated rules, and relevant citations to legal authority help you navigate through Maryland 's complex civil court system. Each of our careers continues to provide relevant experience, enabling us to contribute, in differing ways and varying degrees, to the explanation of the Maryland Rules and their application. Linda Schuett, as Vice Chairperson of the Maryland Court of Appeals Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure, continues to have the most directly relevant insight. In her "off-time," she serves as County Attorney for Anne Arundel County. Paul Niemeyer continues as a United States Circuit Judge sitting on the Fourth Circuit. And John Lynch and Richard Bourne each teach civil procedure and related subjects at the University of Baltimore Law School.

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Paul V. Niemeyer, Linda M. Schuett, John A. Lynch and Richard W. Bourne. Maryland Rules Commentary, Third Edition. New York, NY(2003)
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