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Enhancing Manufacturing Planning and Control Systems Through Artificial Intelligence Techniques
Knowledge-based Systems in Manufacturing
  • Ronald S. Dattero, Missouri State University - Springfield
  • John J. Kanet, University of Dayton
  • Edna M. White
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Book Chapter
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Manufacturing planning and control systems are currently dominated by systems based upon Material Requirements Planning (MRP). MRP systems have a number of fundamental flaws. A potential alternative to MRP systems is suggested after research into the economic batch scheduling problem. Based on the ideas of economic batch scheduling, and enhanced through artificial intelligence techniques, an alternative approach to manufacturing planning and control is developed. A framework for future research on this alternative to MRP is presented.
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Taylor & Francis
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Philadelphia, PA
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Ronald S. Dattero, John J. Kanet and Edna M. White. "Enhancing Manufacturing Planning and Control Systems Through Artificial Intelligence Techniques" Knowledge-based Systems in Manufacturing (1989)
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