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Production Planning and Control Systems-State of the Art and New Directions
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
  • V. Sridharan, Clemson University
  • John J. Kanet, University of Dayton
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Book Chapter
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This chapter begins with a description of the role of production planning and control (PPC) within the manufacturing function. After discussing the impact of the operating environment on the choice a system for PPC, we describe some recent empirical evidence regarding the use and performance results of various PPC systems. This is followed by a brief overview of the two most widely used systems for production planning and control. We then describe a recent development in the area of short-term detailed scheduling exploiting the latest developments in computing technology. The chapter concludes with a discussion of an emerging paradigm for exploiting the advancements in computing technology for developing sophisticated state-of-the- art PPC systems capable of satisfying the needs of tomorrow's market place.
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Berlin, Germany
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V. Sridharan and John J. Kanet. "Production Planning and Control Systems-State of the Art and New Directions" Lecture Notes in Computer Science (1995)
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