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Unpublished Paper
Employment At-Will: Sacred Writ or Big Lie?
ExpressO (2010)
  • John Judge

Texas was the fourth state to adopt the at-will rule of employment termination, an inferential rebuttal defense to an employee’s action for breach of a contract of employment of indefinite duration. The 1888 decision in East Line & R. R. R. Co. v. Scott, 10 S.W. 99 (Tex., 1888), looks to Horace Woods’ 1877 treatise MASTER & SERVANT, and has been slavishly followed in Texas despite dubious intellectual provenance and a complete lack of relevance to actual reality in the contemporary employment market.

  • At-will,
  • employment,
  • good faith,
  • just cause,
  • public policy,
  • legal history
Publication Date
February 19, 2010
Citation Information
John Judge. "Employment At-Will: Sacred Writ or Big Lie?" ExpressO (2010)
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