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Reactions of First-Year Men to Rape Prevention Program: Attitude and Predicted Behavior Changes
Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice (2006)
  • John D. Foubert, Ph.D.
  • Jerry Tatum
  • Greg A. Donahue
First-year men (261) saw a rape prevention program and were asked to give their reactions to what they saw by answering four open-ended questions, requesting information about whether participants experience either attitude or behavior change resulting from the program, particularly in relation to situations involving alcohol and sexually intimate encounters. Some participants reported no effects on their attitudes or behavior. However, substantial numbers of participants reported an increased willingness to intervene as bystanders if they see a situation that might turn into a rape. Others reported that they would be more careful in their own intimate encounters. The potential for later behavior change was indicated by at least 60% of program participants.
  • Rape,
  • prevention,
  • first-year,
  • freshman,
  • program,
  • the men’s program
Publication Date
Citation Information
Foubert, J. D., Tatum, J. L., & Donahue, G. A. (2006). Reactions of first-year men to a rape prevention program: Attitude and predicted behavior changes. NASPA Journal, 43, 578-598.