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The Men's Program: Peer Educator's Manual
  • John D. Foubert, Oklahoma State University
This guide contains the training materials necessary for the student/peer educator who will be facilitating the men's program. While it does complement the guide for administrators, it is designed to be a self-contained manual. It includes all of the program scripts and handouts, as well as advice for running the program. The program scripts lay out each session in detail for the leader. Participants will be taught about rape via in-depth discussions and videos that will put them in the shoes of the victim, helping them to understand what it might feel like for both a woman and a man to experience rape. Methods for helping survivors and ways to prevent rape are then covered, including bystander interventions.
  • The Men's Program,
  • Bystander Intervention,
  • Rape Prevention,
  • Sexual Assault,
  • John Foubert,
  • Rape Myth,
  • Bystander Willingness,
  • Bystander Efficacy
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John D. Foubert. The Men's Program: Peer Educator's Manual. (2011)
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