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Display and Interface Design: Subtle Science, Exact Art
Books Authored by Wright State Faculty/Staff
  • Kevin B. Bennett, Wright State University - Main Campus
  • John Flach, Wright State University - Main Campus
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Written from the perspective of cognitive systems engineering and ecological interface design, this book delineates how to design interfaces tailored to specific work demands, leverage the powerful perception-action skills of the human, and use powerful interface technologies wisely. This triadic approach (domain, human, interface) to display and interface design stands in sharp contrast to traditional dyadic (human, interface) approaches. The authors describe general principles and specific strategies at length and include concrete examples and extensive design tutorials that illustrate quite clearly how these principles and strategies can be applied. The coverage spans the entire continuum of interfaces that might need to be developed in today's work places.
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CRC Press
  • User Interfaces,
  • Human-Computer Interaction
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Kevin B. Bennett and John Flach. Display and Interface Design: Subtle Science, Exact Art. Boca Raton(2011)
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