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Collisions: Getting Them Under Control
Time-to-Contact, Advances in Psychology
  • John M. Flach, Wright State University - Main Campus
  • M. R. H. Smith
  • Terry Stanard
  • S. M. Dittman
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Book Chapter
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In a control system, information about a current state is compared to a reference state in order to specify an action that will bring the current state and reference state closer together. This comparison process requires a common currency among the three sources of constraint: intention, action, and information. This chapter considers the possibility that structure in an optic array might be that currency. Performance for several tasks is represented in an optical state space that helps to illustrate the confluence of the multiple sources of constraints. The results suggest that the optical criteria for collision control vary to reflect the different sources of constraint.
Citation Information
John M. Flach, M. R. H. Smith, Terry Stanard and S. M. Dittman. "Collisions: Getting Them Under Control" Time-to-Contact, Advances in Psychology Vol. 135 (2004) p. 67 - 91 ISSN: 01664115
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