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Virtue and the Constitution of the United States
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  • John M. Finnis, Notre Dame Law School
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69 Fordham L. Rev. 1595 (2001)
In this Article, Finnis reflects on the following five questions: (1) Does the Constitution require or presuppose, or thwart or even forbid, a formative project of government inculcating in citizens the civic virtue necessary to promote and sustain a good society?; (2) To what extent can the institutions of civil society support or even supplant government in inculcating civic virtue?; (3) What is the content of the civic virtue that should be inculcated in circumstances of moral disagreement, and how does it relate to traditional moral virtue?; (4) Does it include respect for and appreciation of diversity?; (5) Should a formative project include cultivating attitudes that are critical of practices that deny liberty and equality?.
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John M. Finnis. "Virtue and the Constitution of the United States" (2001)
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