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The duties of care of directors
Company and Securities Law in New Zealand (2008)
  • John Farrar
Extract: All business decisions involve some degree of risk. Company directors are there to make business judgements on behalf of shareholders with less than perfect information. The difficult question is how to reconcile this with ordinary concepts of fiduciary obligations and the duties of due care. The public interest issue is how to provide a balance between appropriate regulation and control on the one hand and the freedom necessary to permit the risk-taking and innovation needed for economic growth on the other.
  • risk,
  • business judgments,
  • directors
Publication Date
January 1, 2008
J. Farrar
Brookers Ltd.
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Farrar, J. (2008). The duties of care of directors. In J. Farrar (Ed.), Company and Securities Law in New Zealand (pp. 385-400). Wellington: Brookers Ltd. ISBN: 978-0-86472-617-9.

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John Farrar. "The duties of care of directors" WellingtonCompany and Securities Law in New Zealand (2008)
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