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Applying Task-Technology Fit to the Adoption of Identity Management Systems
ACIS 2011 Proceedings
  • Ali Alkhalifah, University of New South Wales
  • John D’Ambra, The University of New South Wales
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It has been established that if technology provides a good fit with the task, users will consider the technology to be easy to use, which will affect their intention to use. However, no studies have investigated the conceptualisation and measurement of fit in the Identity Management Systems (IdMS) context. This study conceptualises the concept of fit as moderation (the interaction between task and technology). It proposes an IdMS task model for Information Card (InfoCard) technology. In addition, it introduces a research model based on Task-Technology Fit (TTF) to identify the fit between task characteristics and the IdMS functions and to examine its effect on the user acceptance of an IdMS tool, specifically InfoCard technology. The conclusion of this paper highlights the implications of and suggests further directions for this study.
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Ali Alkhalifah and John D’Ambra. "Applying Task-Technology Fit to the Adoption of Identity Management Systems" (2011)
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