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Rhetoric and Reality in Wedlocked
Boston University Law Review Annex (2016)
  • John G. Culhane
This book review essay of Katherine Franke's Wedlocked takes issue with several of the author's views. Specifically, the essay pushes back against the ideas that marriage equality and the recent increase in same-sex couples' adoptions of children are tied to white privilege, arguing that the reality has been better lives for couples of all races -- and their adopted children. The essay also discusses Franke's thesis that marriage will transform both same-sex couples and the institution of marriage itself, and concludes that, while there is some truth to these observations, legal and social changes to marriage were already underway. Same-sex marriages are unlikely to have a major impact on the rate of change, or on its direction.
  • same sex marriage,
  • marriage,
  • marriage equality,
  • family law
Publication Date
April 19, 2016
Citation Information
John G. Culhane. "Rhetoric and Reality in Wedlocked" Boston University Law Review Annex (2016)
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