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The Assisted Dying Bill – ‘Death Tourism’ and European Law
Ethics, Law and Society - Volume III (2007)
  • John Coggon
  • Soren Holm

In this paper, we consider the attempt in the (failed) Assisted Dying for the Terminally Ill Bill 2005 to prevent ‘death tourism’. To make use of the proposed legislation, a patient would need to have been registered for primary health care in England and Wales for at least 12 months. We argue that the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Community Treaty render such a requirement unlawful. This highlights the problem legislators will face if they seek to enact a Bill that allows physician assisted suicide but also wish to avoid ‘death tourism’.

Publication Date
August, 2007
Jennifer Gunning and Soren Holm
Citation Information
John Coggon and Soren Holm. "The Assisted Dying Bill – ‘Death Tourism’ and European Law" AldershotEthics, Law and Society - Volume III (2007)
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