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About John R Cable

Our research is focused on determining the structures of conformationally flexible molecules and the effect that solvation and hydrogen bonding has on these structures. To carry out these investigations we make use of vibrationally resolved electronic spectroscopy in the ultracold environment of a supersonic jet expansion. Electronic spectroscopy permits structural information to be obtained on both ground and excited electronic states through analysis of the resolved vibrational structure that appears under these conditions.
We are currently investigating a number of phenyl substituted amines and amides. These types of molecules form strong hydrogen bonds with a variety of partners, including water, and have the potential to act as both donors and acceptors. By studying hydrogen bonded clusters at high spectral resolution it is possible to determine the mode of binding between the solute and solvent as well as to characterize the structural perturbations that arise from the strong interaction.


Present Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Bowling Green State University Chemistry
Present Interim Chair, Department of Chemistry, Bowling Green State University Chemistry


Contact Information

Phone: 419-372-8439
Office: 510 Physical Sciences Laboratory Building