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An analytical model of a ferrite-cored inductor used as an eddy current probe
Journal of Applied Physics (2012)
  • John R. Bowler, Iowa State University
  • Yi Lu, Iowa State University
  • Theodoros P Theodoulidis

An analytical model of an axisymmetric eddy current ferrite-cored probe above a multi-layered conducting half-space has been developed using a procedure in which the domain of the problem is truncated radially. This means that solutions can be expressed in the form of generalized Fourier-Bessel series. The expansion coefficients are found by matching the field across the interfaces between the subregions of the problem. Initially, the magnetic vector potential of a simple circular current filament is expanded in a series form. The solution is then modified to accommodate an infinitely long coaxial ferrite core, and the principle of superposition is invoked to derive a coil field from the filament field in the presence of the core. Next, we consider a semi-infinite core and then one of finite length. Finally, the effects of a multi-layered conductor are included. Numerical predictions of probe impedance have been compared with experimental data showing excellent agreement.

  • eddy current,
  • probe,
  • ferrite core,
  • analytical model
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John R. Bowler, Yi Lu and Theodoros P Theodoulidis. "An analytical model of a ferrite-cored inductor used as an eddy current probe" Journal of Applied Physics Vol. 111 (2012)
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