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Contribution to Book
Stand Structure on Microtine Abundance in Newfoundland: Implications for Marten
Martes: Taxonomy, Ecology, Techniques, and Management (1997)
  • B. R. Sturtevant
  • John A. Bissonette, Utah State University
  • microtine,
  • marten
Publication Date
January 1, 1997
G. Proulx, H.N. Bryant, and P.M. Woodard
Provincial Museum of Alberta, Edmonton
Citation Information
Sturtevant, B. R., and J. A. Bissonette. 1997. Stand structure on microtine abundance in Newfoundland: implications for marten. Pages 182-198 in G. Proulx, H. N. Bryant, and P. M. Woodard, eds. Martes: taxonomy, ecology, techniques, and management. Provincial Mus. Alberta, Edmondton.