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Unpublished Paper
A Review of Desert Bighorn Sheep in the San Andres Mountains, New Mexico
Wildlife Management Institute Review Team Report for New Mexico Game & Fish and U.S. Forestry and Wildlife Service
  • R. D. Sparrowe
  • John A. Bissonette, Utah State University
  • W. M. Boyce
  • K. L. Risenhoover
  • P. R. Krausman
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Sparrowe, R. D., J. A. Bissonette, W. M. Boyce, K. L. Risenhoover, and P. R. Krausman. 1992. A review of desert bighorn sheep in the San Andres mountains, New Mexico. Wildl. Manage. Institute review team report for New Mexico Game & Fish and USFWS, Reg. 2. 18pp.