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Unpublished Paper
National Recovery Plan for the Newfoundland Marten
Recovery of Nationally Endangered Wildlife
  • O. Forsey
  • John A. Bissonette, Utah State University
  • J. Brazil
  • K. Curnew
  • J. Lemon
  • L. Mayo
  • I. Thompson
  • L. Bateman
  • L. O'Driscoll
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Forsey, O., J. A. Bissonette, J. Brazil, K. Curnew, J. Lemon, L. Mayo, I. Thompson, L. Bateman, and L. O'Driscoll. 1995. National recovery plan for the Newfoundland marten. (Canadian) RENEW (Recovery of Nationally Endangered Wildlife) Rept. No. 14. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 29pp.