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Management of Small Populations: Concepts Affecting the Recovery of Endangered Species
Wildlife Society Bulletin (1994)
  • G. E. Belovsky
  • John A. Bissonette, Utah State University
  • R. D. Dueser
  • T. C. Edwards
  • C. M. Luecke
  • M. E. Ritchie
  • J. B. Slade
  • F. H. Wagner
  • management,
  • recovery,
  • endangered species
Publication Date
August, 1994
Citation Information
Belovsky, G. E., J. A. Bissonette, R. D. Dueser, T. C. Edwards, C. M. Luecke, M. E. Ritchie, J. B. Slade, & F. H. Wagner. 1994. Management of small populations: concepts affecting the recovery of endangered species. Wildlife Society Bulletin 22:307-316.