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About John H Bishop

John H. Bishop is a member of the Department of Human Resource Studies at the New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University. He is also Executive Director of the Educational Excellence Alliance, a consortium of 300 high schools in 5 Northeastern states that are studying ways to improve school climate and student engagement. He received his Bachelors Degree from Oberlin College in 1962. After two years in the Peace Corps in Northern Nigeria, he studied Economics at the University of Michigan, obtaining a Masters in 1967 and a PhD in 1974.
Professor Bishop has published numerous articles on education reform, the impact of the quality of education on the productivity of individuals and nations, the impact of the hiring, training and promotion policies of business on incentives for students to study and schools to set high standards, the determinants of and payoffs to employer training and the effectiveness of institutions which match workers and jobs.
Prior to coming to Cornell in 1986, John was director of the Center for Research on Youth Employability and Associate Director: Research at the National Center for Research in Vocational Education. He has served on numerous advisory committees: the Job Training Partnership Experiment Advisory Committee, the Advisory Panel for the Office of Technology Assessment's study Training in the Workplace, Advisory Committee on Federal Workforce Quality Assessment, and Education Committee of the Competitiveness Policy Council. He chaired the Admissions and Incentives Subcommittee of the SUNY Task Group on Public Education and Co-chaired the Goal 5 Technical Planning Subgroup on International Workforce Skills of the National Education Goals Panel. He has testified before Congressional Committees numerous times--most recently on February 2, 1995 before the Senate Subcommittee on Education, Arts and Humanities chaired by Senator Jeffords.
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1986 - Present Associate Professor, Cornell University ILR School Human Resource Studies
1981 - 1986 Director, National Center for Research in Vocational Education ‐ Research Division
1981 - 1986 Director, Center for Research on Youth Employability
1972 - 1981 Visiting Lecturer, University of Wisconsin, Madison ‐ Economics
1968 - 1972 Lecturer, New York University ‐ Economics

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  • Research Seminar on Education Reform
  • Employer Training: Economic and International Perspectives
  • Human Resource Economics and Public Policy
  • The Training of the Displaced and Disadvantaged
  • International Human Resource Policies and Institutions
  • Education, Technology and Productivity
  • Public Expenditure
  • The Economics of Poverty
  • Principles of Economics-Micro
  • Principles of Economics-Macro
  • Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • The Financing of Higher Education-Graduate Seminar

Contact Information

Department of Human Resource Studies
161 Ives Faculty Building
Ithaca , NY 14853-3901
Tel: 607.255.2742

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