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About John T. Battalio

Dr. John T. Battalio joined the faculty of the Department of English at Boise State University in 1995. He has a Ph.D. in English with a Rhetoric emphasis from Texas A&M University. His earlier degrees include an M.A. in English from Northeast Louisiana University, a B.S. in Computer Science/Data Processing from the University of Southern Mississippi, an M.A. in Modern Languages from Notre Dame, and a B.S. in Secondary Education from the University of South Alabama. These diverse interests dovetail into his current teaching interests in technical communication which include web and XML development, and online help systems.
Dr. Battalio's research interests include the influence of XML and single sourcing on technical communication, the use of technology in distance education, and the rhetoric of science where he has researched the historical and linguistic evolution of the writing of ornithologists and the interconnections between professional and popular writing in the sciences. In addition to teaching and research, Dr. Battalio serves as the webmaster for the Department of English and for the Technical Communication Program.


Present Associate Professor, Boise State University Department of English

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  • ENGL 202: Technical Communication
  • ENGL 302: Technical Rhetoric
  • ENGL 402: Advanced Technical Communication
  • ENGL 415: On-Screen Document Production
  • ENGL 499: Senior Seminar in Technical Communication
  • ENGL 515: Visual Rhetoric and Information Design
  • ENGL 521: Topics in On-Screen Document Production
  • ENGL 597: Special Topics

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