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Handbook of Public Management Practice and Reform
Faculty Books and Monographs
  • Kuotsai Tom Liou
  • John R. Bartle, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Chapter 8: Changes and Reforms in Tax and Public Revenue Systems, authored by John Bartle, UNO facuty member. Outlining the origins, motivations, strategies, implementations, and effectiveness of reform policies and programs, Handbook of Public Management Practice and Reform examines changes and challenges in major areas of public administration, including budgeting, finance, human resources, and organizational management, reviews the lessons of reform, and addresses new ideas and emerging issues. Discussing the development and contribution of public administration education, research, and professional associations, the book covers decentralization and deregulation, institutional arrangement and support, and cooperation between public and nonprofit organizations.
Publication Date
Marcel Dekker
Public Administration

Public administration and public policy series, 91

Citation Information
Kuotsai Tom Liou and John R. Bartle. "Handbook of Public Management Practice and Reform" New York, New York(2001)
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