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Evolving Theories of Public Budgeting
Faculty Books and Monographs
  • John R. Bartle, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Edited by John R. Bartle, UNO faculty member. Chapter: Seven Theories of Public Budgeting, authored by John R. Bartle. Chapter: The Median Voter Model in Public Budgeting Research, co-authored by John R. Bartle. Chapter: Applying Transaction Cost Theory to Public Budgeting, co-authored by John R. Bartle. As the study of public administration becomes more theoretically aware, researchers need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of different theoretical perspectives. This volume examines seven theoretical perspectives of public budgeting: incrementalism, the budget process model, the organizational process model, the median voter model, the ‘greedy bureaucrat’ model, a post-modern model, and the transaction cost model. Major research from each perspective is examined and critically reviewed. The development of each model is examined in detail, its strengths and weaknesses identified, and the potential for future research discussed, allowing the reader to understand the place of the model and its applicability to their own research. This volume will be a vital resource for researchers in public budgeting, public finance, public administration, and political science.
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Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Public Administration

This book is volume 6 in the Research in Public Administration series. The series editor is J. White.

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John R. Bartle. Evolving Theories of Public Budgeting. Amsterdam, New York(2001)
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