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Mapping educational research and its impact on Australian schools
  • A Holbrook, ACER
  • John Ainley, ACER
  • S Bourke, ACER
  • J Owen, ACER
  • P McKenzie, ACER
  • S Misson, ACER
  • T Johnson, ACER
This report provides an analysis of educational research and its impact on Australian schools. It has a particular focus on research done by academic staff and postgraduate students in university faculties of education, since around 90 percent of the resources involved in Australian educational research are located in those faculties. Within the total research endeavour the report concentrates on research concerned with Australian schools and schooling. The report developed an analytical framework drawn from the literature concerned with knowledge utilisation. The report has provided the most comprehensive mapping yet undertaken of the educational research that was underway in Australia in the reference year of 1997, and how the main emphases have changed since 1984. The analyses drew on the key bibliographic database on Australian education, the Australian Education Index (AEI), and extensive information collected from all university education faculties.
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A Holbrook, John Ainley, S Bourke, J Owen, et al.. "Mapping educational research and its impact on Australian schools" (2000)
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