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Slovakia's Neoliberal Turn
Europe-Asia Studies (2007)
  • Sharon Fisher
  • John A Gould, Colorado College
  • Tim J Haughton
Slovakia distinguished itself in the first half of this decade by launching a coherent set of economic reforms that limited government and transferred social and economic risk to individuals. We examine reforms in fiscal policy, pensions, the labour code, health care, investment, education and justice. While the surprise formation of a centre – right governing coalition in 2002 enabled Slovakia’s ‘neoliberal’ turn, a close network of neoliberal policy makers and advisors from civil society organisations used the opportunity to push forward a compelling explanation of Slovak economic problems and promote a clear institutional design for fixing them.
  • Slovakia,
  • neoliberal,
  • Fico,
  • Dzurinda
Publication Date
September, 2007
Citation Information
Sharon Fisher, John A. Gould, and Tim J. Haughton. "Slovakia's Neoliberal Turn" Europe-Asia Studies 59.3 (2007): 977-998. Winner of the Slovak Studies Association's Best Article Award