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Nationalism and the Struggle for LGBTQ Rights in Serbia, 1991-2014
Problems of Post-Communism (2015)
  • John A Gould, Colorado College
  • Edward A Moe
Serbian ethno-nationalists have long used homophobia to marginalize political dissent and legitimize their claim to power. Effectively accepting this traditional narrative, the 1990s prodemocracy movement pursued a broad social coalition to challenge authoritarian president Slobodan Milošević. Only international actors supported LGBTQ issues, but this backing had the contrary effect of associating the nascent LGBTQ movement with “foreign interests.” Nonetheless, activists slowly built organizational capacity, and capitalized on the pro-EU political shift in the late 2000s. With EU membership conditioned upon enforcement of a human rights regime that included sexual minorities, activists finally made strides toward legal protection and government recognition.
  • LGBT,
  • Serbia,
  • Balkans,
  • Nationalism,
  • EU
Publication Date
July 30, 2015
Citation Information
John A Gould and Edward A Moe. "Nationalism and the Struggle for LGBTQ Rights in Serbia, 1991-2014" Problems of Post-Communism Vol. 62 Iss. 5 (2015)
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