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The Development of an Instrument for Evaluating Treatment Intrusiveness
Research in Developmental Disabilities (2009)
  • Stacy L. Carter, Texas Tech University
  • Michael R. Mayton, Tennessee Technological University
  • John J. Wheeler, Tennessee Technological University
The current study examined the use of an instrument designed to evaluate the intrusiveness of treatments for addressing problem behaviors. Participants read case vignettes with proposed treatments and then completed a checklist of factors that could influence the degree of treatment intrusiveness. Results indicated that the participants were capable of using the instrument to differentiate among treatments that were considered to have varying levels of treatment intrusiveness. Implications of using a systematic method for evaluating the intrusiveness of treatments are discussed.
  • treatment intrusiveness,
  • challenging behavior,
  • least restrictive environment,
  • behavior intervention,
  • social validity
Publication Date
February, 2009
Citation Information
Stacy L. Carter, Michael R. Mayton and John J. Wheeler. "The Development of an Instrument for Evaluating Treatment Intrusiveness" Research in Developmental Disabilities Vol. 30 Iss. 1 (2009) p. 58 - 69 ISSN: 1873-3379
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