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Corn Response to Sulfur Application Rate
Iowa State Research Farm Progress Reports
  • David Rueber, Iowa State University
  • John E. Sawyer, Iowa State University
Northern Research and Demonstration Farm
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RFR A1190
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Historically, sulfur (S) application has not been recommended on Iowa soils for corn and soybean production. Soils supply, or a combination from sources such as soil organic matter, profile sulfate, manure, and precipitation have met crop S needs. However, over the past few years, S deficiencies in alfalfa and corn have been documented. Large crop yield responses have been measured in some fields containing soils with low organic matter, side-slope landscape position, or coarse soil texture, especially in northeastern Iowa. The objective of this study was to determine S response in corn and soybean in north-central Iowa.

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Iowa State University
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David Rueber and John E. Sawyer. "Corn Response to Sulfur Application Rate" (2012)
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