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Quantifying Corn N Deficiency and Application Rate with Active Canopy Sensors
Agronomy Conference Proceedings and Presentations
  • Daniel W. Barker, Iowa State University
  • John E. Sawyer, Iowa State University
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Precision agriculture technologies are an integral part of many operations in Iowa corn production. Active canopy sensors have been developed as a tool to determine plant N stress deficiency and provide on-the-go decisions for implementing variable rate N application. The objectives of this study were to assess N deficiency stress levels at the mid-vegetative corn growth stages with active canopy sensors, calibrate active sensors and associated canopy indices, and develop N rate algorithms that can be used to determine variable rate N fertilization.
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Iowa State University
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Daniel W. Barker and John E. Sawyer. "Quantifying Corn N Deficiency and Application Rate with Active Canopy Sensors" (2010)
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