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Estimating nitrogen losses
Integrated Crop Management News
  • John E. Sawyer, Iowa State University
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Another wet spring hit Iowa this year. From mid-April to mid-May northwestern Iowa had about 90 percent of normal precipitation, whereas areas of northeastern Iowa received more than 200 percent of normal. Heavy spring rains, recharged subsoils, a high percentage of fall-applied nitrogen (N), and a warm fall have many producers wondering if this is a scenario for repeating last year's N losses. The ponded areas have mostly dried up, but the question is, "Will the effects of that water appear as N deficiency later in the corn growing season?"One difference so far this year is that the excess rain occurred early in the spring. If heavy rains return, June will be a critical period to watch for N losses.
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Iowa State University
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John E. Sawyer. "Estimating nitrogen losses" (1999)
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