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Childhood in the Garden: A Place to Encounter Natural and Social Diversity
Young Children (2008)
  • John Nimmo, Portland State University
  • Beth Hallett
In this article we explore the important role of the garden in children’s learning. As a teacher educator/center director (John) and a preschool teacher (Beth), we share images that frame our adventures in the garden with children and draw from our broader goals for children—about who they are and how they learn about their world. Through these stories we explore the garden as a place for many possibilities: play and inquiry, safe risk taking, the building of relationships, and deeper understandings of diversity. The reciprocal learning observed in children’s interactions with nature and people convinces us of its importance in sustaining society’s commitment to the early years. 
Publication Date
January, 2008
Publisher Statement
Copyright © 2008 by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. 
Citation Information
Nimmo, J. & Hallett, B. (2008). Childhood in the garden: A place to encounter natural and social diversity. Young Children 63 (1): 32-38.