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Young Children's Access to Real Life: An Examination of the Growing Boundaries between Children in Child Care and Adults in the Community
Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood (2008)
  • John Nimmo, University of New Hampshire - Main Campus
Young children in industrialized societies are increasingly separated from the everyday lives of adults in their community. This article explores the historical and cultural dynamics (and contradictions) of a growing boundary between children, particularly those in child care, and adults without primary care-giving roles. The article proposes that young children's participation in and contributions to a democratic society are rooted in access to this real life. The active role of children in the formation of social capital should be recognized by educators and policy makers as significant in the development of identity. A framework and strategies for developing meaningful child—adult relations in the context of child care are proposed as the basis for further research and practice.
Publication Date
March, 2008
Citation Information
Nimmo, J. (2008) Young children’s access to real life: An examination of the growing boundaries between children in child care and adults in the community. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood 9 (1): 3-13.