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About John Miranowski

Dr. John Miranoski earned a B.S. in Agricultural Business in 1966 from Iowa State University. He received an A.M. in 1969 and a Ph.D. in 1975, both in Economics from Harvard University. Miranowski's thesis topic was, "The Demand for Agricultural Crop Chemical Under Alternative Farm Program and Pollution Control Solutions."


Present Professor of Economics, Iowa State University

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Honors and Awards

  • College of Agriculture 2000 Team Award (Iowa’s Land and Environment – Serving Competing Needs)
  • Gilbert F. White Fellowship
  • Resources for the Future (1981-82)
  • EPA Water Quality Research Grant (1979-81)
  • USDA Distinguished Service Honor Award for Biofuels Program Development (1993)
  • USDA Superior Service Honor Award for Workforce Diversity (1992) to Resources and Technology Division
  • SES Performance Review Board Bonus Awards (1988-1992)
  • Visiting Lecturer at the University of California-Berkeley (1987)

Contact Information

382B Heady
Ames, IA 50011-1070
515-294-6644 fax


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