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Beyond Training: Engaging Families in the Transition to Employment
  • John Kramer, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Jennifer Bose, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • John Shepard, University of Massachusetts Boston
In spite of perceived benefits offered by trainings, it is not clear that they work well for every family. There remains a persistent gap in information and services for many families, and a further gap in employment for people with IDD. This brief summarizes findings of a scoping literature review (Kramer, Bose, & Winsor, in preparation) on the engagement of families in individuals’ employment outcomes. We explore the gaps in services, information and employment and the different engagement strategies used.
  • Employment,
  • family,
  • engagement,
  • disability
Publication Date
Fall September, 2017
Citation Information
John Kramer, Jennifer Bose and John Shepard. "Beyond Training: Engaging Families in the Transition to Employment" (2017)
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