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Student Perceptions of Meaningful Learning in Human Anatomy and Physiology Classes
SoTL Commons Conference
  • Diana Sturges, Georgia Southern University
  • Trent Maurer, Georgia Southern University
  • John Dobson, Georgia Southern University

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Research Project / Assessment of Student Learning

This session will describe a project investigating allied health students' perceptions on the meaning and value of their learning experience in Human Anatomy and Physiology class (HAP). Many researchers indicate that emotional involvement leads to stronger learning (Stewart, 2007). Understanding how students feel about and evaluate their own learning, how much responsibility they take for their own learning, is crucial to teach more effectively and improve student learning. We administered the adapted Course Valuing Inventory (CVI) (Nehari, 1978) to evaluate cognitive-content, affective-personal and behavioral learning in students taking the HAP classes and correlated them with demographic factors, student academic achievement in class and their Approaches to Study Inventory (ASI). Session objectives include discussing the results of the study and the implications for teaching and learning in the allied health field. The audience will be invited to brainstorm the results of the study, reflect on possible teaching strategies and further avenues for research in this area. Attendees will learn about the CVI, ASI, and the relationship between these inventories and student performance.

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Presentation Session
Room 2904
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Diana Sturges, Trent Maurer, and John Dobson, "Student Perceptions of Meaningful Learning in Human Anatomy and Physiology Classes " (March 9, 2012). SoTL Commons Conference. Paper 87. source: