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Writing for Life: The Craft of Writing for Everyday Living
  • John Bessler, University of Baltimore School of Law

Writing for Life: The Craft of Writing for Everyday Living demystifies the writing process - a process that is all too often misunderstood or feared. By breaking down and illuminating each step of that process - from pre-writing to publication - Writing for Life gives readers the know-how and tools they need to write more effectively. In this groundbreaking, inspirational guide, which draws upon the wisdom of the world's best writers, readers learn valuable techniques, such as freewriting, and discover how to best revise what they write to create high-quality writing. Part how-to and part essay, Writing for Life will revolutionize the way we write - and learn to write. As it excites readers about the possibilities of language, the book dispels the notions that writing is just for literary figures or professional writers or to be done only when work or school requires it. When properly understood, the writing process is not a chore or a burden, but a life-changing opportunity. In uncovering all of writing's personal and professional rewards and in unlocking the secrets of the craft, this book makes clear why everyone should want to write in their daily lives. Writing for Life reveals the writing process for what it is: a thinking process. Writing helps us understand things; it clarifies our thoughts and makes us better, more engaged thinkers and citizens. Because it unleashes new ideas and is such a powerful force for creativity, innovation and social change, writing - as this book so forcefully shows - should be an instrumental part of everyone's journey through life. Writing for Life will transform the lives of those who dislike, even dread, writing, even as it helps beginning and experienced writers alike better navigate the writing process.

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John Bessler. Writing for Life: The Craft of Writing for Everyday Living. Minneapolis, MN(2007)
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