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Sayce Weststar Verma_HRMJ_Trustee recruitment and selection_2014.pdf
Human Resource Management Journal (2014)
  • Susan Sayce, University of East Anglia
  • Johanna Weststar
  • Anil Verma, University of Toronto
The role of a labour pension trustee is significant, which makes the recruitment and selection of labour trustees an important issue. In this paper we examine and combine aspects of two approaches to recruitment and selection, the political nomination model and the more professional HRM approach. The political nomination model is often used by trade unions to elect or appoint trustees. In contrast, a professional HRM approach emphasizes open recruitment and selection based on job-related criteria of expertise and continuous learning.  We argue that an integrative approach would acknowledge the political, regulatory and organisational context while incorporating valid selection criteria such as domain-specific skills and performance on the job. Such an integrated process can help trade unions in filling labour trustee positions with talented individuals who are more likely to be effective in achieving labour’s goals in pension governance.
  • pensions,
  • governance,
  • professionalism,
  • unions,
  • labour trustee
Publication Date
Winter December 19, 2014
Citation Information
Susan Sayce, Johanna Weststar and Anil Verma. "Sayce Weststar Verma_HRMJ_Trustee recruitment and selection_2014.pdf" Human Resource Management Journal Vol. 24 Iss. 3 (2014) p. 307 - 322
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