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The blame game: How video game workers frame barriers to diversity
First Person Scholar
  • Victoria O'Meara, Western University
  • Chandell E Gosse, Western University
  • Marie-Josee Legault, Teluq-UQAM
  • Johanna Weststar, Western University
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In this article we use open-ended responses from the 2014 and 2015 DSS to highlight the contrasting ways men and women view the challenge of low female representation in the industry. Of course, women’s underrepresentation is the result of many different and layered issues that mirror the systemic discrimination that women face across male-dominated spaces. However, the data from the DSS show us that there are differences in what men and women see as the primary reasons for this underrepresentation. These differences reflect an important chasm in how the problem is experienced across gender.

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Victoria O'Meara, Chandell E Gosse, Marie-Josee Legault and Johanna Weststar. "The blame game: How video game workers frame barriers to diversity" First Person Scholar (2017)
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