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About Dr Johanna E Nieuwoudt

Dr Johanna E Nieuwouldt PhD(SCU), BExSc&Nutr(hons)(SCU)
I am currently investigating factors contributing to students' academic success in enabling subjects. My most recent publication was titled "Exploring online interaction and online learner participation in an online science subject through the lens of the interaction equivalence theorem". The research investigated students’ online interaction and online learner participation in an online enabling science subject and compared this with their final grades. The findings indicated that academic success is correlated with online learner participation (i.e. interacting with content in the online learning system), but not online interaction (i.e. interacting with other students). It appears that students can have a satisfying and meaningful learning experience despite not having student-student interaction, as long as student-content interaction is of high quality and the teacher is available for interaction.

My PhD thesis was titled “An investigation of the characteristics of muscle dysmorphia in a non-clinical population of adult male weight lifters in Australia”. The research consisted of two major studies. Study 1 examined the inter-rater reliability for the proposed muscle dysmorphia criteria. Study 2 utilised an online survey, and identified the prevalence of participants (N=648) who were at risk of having muscle dysmorphia (17%), body dysmorphic disorder (10.6%), and eating disorders (33.8%). The research provided new evidence for the comorbidity of, and symptomatic similarities between, symptoms of muscle dysmorphia and body dysmorphic disorder, and symptoms of muscle dysmorphia and eating disorders.


Present Associate Lecturer (Teaching Scholar), Southern Cross University SCU College

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