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About Dr Johanna E Nieuwoudt

Dr Johanna E Nieuwouldt PhD(SCU), BExSc&Nutr(hons)(SCU)

Johanna is an experienced lecturer in SCU College at Southern Cross University, where she helps students from diverse backgrounds and experiences gain skills and confidence to be successful in their future university studies. She specializes in the curriculum design and delivery of higher education pathway courses for students in high school (Year 12), pre-award programs, and diplomas. Johanna's primary research interests are in the identification of factors that may contribute to student success. Johanna is an editor of the Student Engagement in Higher Education Journal, an international peer-reviewed journal publishing contributions dealing with student engagement in higher education from a disciplinary or multi-disciplinary perspective.


Present Associate Lecturer (Teaching Scholar), Southern Cross University SCU College

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Contact Information

Locked Mail Bag 4
Coolangatta QLD
Australia 4225
Phone: (+61 7) 07 5589 3285
Mobile: (+61) 0404721996


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